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How to adopt?
We can assist you through your
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Hoping to Adopt?
Wanting to adopt?  Don't know where to start?
At Adopting Choices, we are here to listen and help.
Adopting Choices can help you turn your dreams of parenting into a reality. The decision to adopt might be difficult, and may be followed by long periods of disappointment and heartache. We are here to support you through the emotional and legal experience of adoption.

Our professional and licensed social workers provide adoptive families with the support and guidance needed to go through the adoption process. These professionals will complete the homestudy.

A home study is a process you must go through in order to be approved for adoption. The home study includes an analysis of your relationships, family, health, living conditions, employment, financial information, medical and mental status and your ability to raise a child.
 Criminal background checks are also performed. You will probably be asked to write about yourself and/or partner including your hopes, aspirations, strengths and weaknesses. We also encourage our waiting families to start a family book for our birth parents to get an impression of your life. These books are important pieces in the puzzle to create a successful match with a birthparent.

Adoption is a life-changing and lifelong experience. We focus on preparation and education. This will include a series of educational seminars.

Adopting Choices offers domestic adoptions for residents of the State of Connecticut. Adopting Choices is a licensed child placing agency. Connecticut law specifies only a child placing agency can complete a homestudy and place children for adoption.