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From our adoptive & birth parents
Adoptive Parents:
When MK & SK decided to expand their family they spoke with friends and acquaintances who led them to Jewish Family Service of New Haven.
"We were excited about adopting a child, yet we needed education on many aspects of the process. Our JFS social workers and home study class group were wonderful resources in guiding us through a process that presents distinct and sometimes unexpected challenges. Although the process felt like a long time it allowed us sufficient time to prepare for our expanding family.
We already had a son. We felt more prepared for the arrival of our 2nd son who was adopted from Korea.
It was nice to be able to pick up the phone or drop into the local office with questions. One of the nicest things about working with JFS was the relationships that we developed, both with our social workers and other families.
Even now that our son has been home almost three years, we may meet some of the other families and we share an instant connection because we went through the process together or we learned something from another family´s previous experience. Since we brought our younger son home, life has never been the same. He has added to our lives in immeasurable ways and we will always be thankful that JFS was available to shepherd us along in this journey".
MK & SK, Woodbridge, CT

"We learned so much - not only about the adoption process, and the possible issues we could confront but also about ourselves and our relationship.
We adopted our son from Belarus. The support we received from JFS continued through the long post-placement process.
Unlike most countries, Belarus required three years of follow-up visits and Amy, LCSW, Adoption Coordinator, made these visits very easy and worked around our hectic schedules. I can´t imagine it being any easier than it was for us.
I think there is an added advantage of working with a Jewish organization - it´s not something I can put in words, but even if it was only the sense of "security" it was still an added comfort.
We will be forever grateful for the wonderful assistance we received from JFS and the friend we gained in Amy".
BW & AW, Danbury, CT

For us – finding Adopting Choices was better than discovering light at the end of the tunnel. Our situation made it impossible to adopt from abroad and we had almost given up hope ever to become parents. This is after several attempts to become pregnant using fertility treatments.
So, finding Amy and Phyllis from Adopting Choices and learning that not only would we be able to adopt a baby but that it might also be faster than adopting from China or Russia made us very hopeful.
And we were not disappointed. We held our first baby-girl almost 6 months after we became eligible – unbelievable indeed. She is now 4 yrs old and has a little sister, who enjoys playing with her and her toys. This is truly a dream come true for us. Thank You Adopting Choices for making us a bigger happier family.
C-H, Trumbull, CT